SPM supports a new hotel project on the island of Raiatea.

October 23, 2023 – South Pacific Management supports a new hotel project on the island of Raiatea.

South Pacific Management is delighted to support the development of Te Rai’atea, a 4-star hotel located on the beautiful island of Raiatea. Nestled on the seafront in Uturaerae, just 5 minutes from downtown and the airport, this establishment will harmoniously combine contemporary elegance with traditionalPolynesian refinement, offering an authentic experience anchored in the modernity of today’s world.

Te Rai’atea takes its name from the island on which it will be built, and pays tribute to the project’s founder, a native of the village of Fetuna. Scheduled to start construction in 2024, the project promises to integrate harmoniously with the local environment. Work should be completed by the end of2026, offering 55 rooms, 5 private villas, a restaurant and a majestic swimming pool.

The hotel’s commitment to environmental preservation is uncompromising.Initiatives will be put in place to protect both flora and fauna. A walking trail will be open to tourists to discover the island’s natural beauty. Te Rai’atea will be supplied with organic produce from a local rural development project, while a plant nursery will add a green touch to its charm.

The project will also contribute to the local economic development, with the creation of 70 jobs at start-up and the possibility of welcoming a local workforce for the construction phase.Eventually, approximately 100 jobs will be created, a third of which will benefit from on-site accommodations.

To preserve Raiatea’s marine wealth, a marine biology center will be setup, dedicated to the preservation of species such as turtles and corals.

Thierry Buttaud, General Manager of South Pacific Management, states his enthusiasm at the development of this hotel complex:”We are delighted to support the development of a new hotel on Raiatea, an island we know well. This project reinforces our commitment to a Polynesian lifestyle of authenticity and sustainability”.

Project owner Fabrice Convert also shares his excitement, «I’m delighted to be working with the experienced teams at South Pacific Management. Their expertise of over 30 years in the development and management of 4 and 5 stars hotels in French Polynesia will be a major asset to our success”.

About South Pacific Management

South Pacific Management is a leader in the consulting and management of hotels, spas and private islands in French Polynesia.

As a Polynesian hotel group, South Pacific Management is deeply rooted in local culture, respectful of tradition and committed to environmental preservation.

The portfolio includes iconic properties such as Manava Beach Resort& Spa Moorea, the private islands of Nukutepipi and Motu Nao Nao and the future Niu Beach Hotel Moorea, scheduled to open in early 2024.