Our values

The values of the SPM Group are based on respect, responsibility, equity, trust and authenticity

These values guide our actions and unite us.

Respect : We value and support all individuals in their professional development. We encourage consultation and participation at all levels. Mutual respect is the foundation of harmony between people.

Trust : We are honest and respect our commitments. We promote the personal development of each person and are benevolent. We believe that trust is an essential value for moving forward.

Equity : We believe in equal opportunity, both in recruitment and throughout the career. We do our best to ensure the well-being of everyone. We support a work environment where all forms of discrimination and harassment are prohibited.

Responsibility :We are committed to controlling and reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and local communities. We comply with all applicable laws on business practices in French Polynesia and respect global human rights standards.

Authenticity: We offer a warm and personalized service, based on Polynesian traditions. We offer a unique experience to our clients, while respecting local customs and populations.