SPM purchases the Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea Hotel

Published 02/10/2020


South Pacific Management (SPM) has purchased all shares in the Compagnie Touristique Polynésienne (CTP) company, which owns the Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea (Manava).

The Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea opened in 2001 with a new concept of Garden Bungalows with private pools – a first on the island of Moorea.
The 4-Star resort Manava Moorea contains 28 Overwater Bungalows, 8 Beach Bungalows, 28 Garden Bungalows with private pools and 26 rooms for a total capacity of 90 keys.
The Manava offers to its guests the Mahanai restaurant, two bars  the Autera’a and the Matiehani, a large infinity swimming pool, one boutique and three conference rooms for a total capacity of 130 guests.

SPM plans a renovation program in order to grow with the requirements and wishes of its guests and enhance these facilities. Always an innovator in the French Polynesian hotel industry, the Manava Moorea has also anticipated guest desire for environmental and societal responsibility. The Manava Moorea is presently working on the implementation of an environmental and societal management system that covers all requirements for EarthCheck guidelines. SPM intends to further that tradition.

SPM manages the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti, the Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea, the private atoll of Nukutepipi and also provides marketing and sales services to the Haumana cruise ship and Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa ( a 5-star resort on Easter Island). SPM generally advises on local and foreign investment in tourism development projects in French Polynesia.

The board of SARL Lupesina Tahiti Investments notes :
“We are delighted to leave the Manava Beach Resort & Spa in the hands of SPM, a hotel management company with a proven record in French Polynesia for more than 30 years. We wish to particularly thank the staff of Manava Moorea who have widely contributed to authentic Polynesian hospitality and to the success of the Manava both locally and on the international scene.”

Mr. Laurent L. Bessou notes:
“SPM and its entire team are delighted to reinforce their attachment to the Manava Moorea and its entire staff at the resort. SPM has managed the Manava since its opening and had previously participated in its creation. SPM is particularly attached to its hotel team which has contributed largely since its opening to the success of the hotel : its deep Polynesian personality, welcoming ambiance and authenticity have all contributed to its acceptance and reputation in the providing markets. The Manava Moorea enjoys a strong popularity in the US, in Europe, in the Pacific and in French Polynesia.”