Sales & Marketing Management Services

Sales & Marketing Management services permit to optimize sales and improve visibility and image of hotels.

South Pacific Management offers several solutions to highlights the strengths of your property and to adapt your products and services according to marketing and customer’s needs.

We can also help you to design new concept experience to differentiates you from your competitors.

Finally, South Pacific Management can help you to reinforce your digital marketing strategy (e-reputation, reshaping website, social media management…) .

Hotel Central Reservation System

  • Manage properties to our Internet-based central reservation system
  • Provide internet-based sales and marketing services
  • Provide e-commerce transactions for internet bookings
  • Yield Management

Hotel Sales Services

  • Hotel Sales representation
  • Negotiate truly customized deals that drive profit and revenue
  • monthly sales reports
  • Sales training via webinar
  • Define and monitor Monthly, Quarterly and yearly goals

Hotel Marketing

  • Develop Marketing plan
  • Advertising and marketing coordination
  • Define marketing strategies and e-strategies
  • Manage print materials (brochures, ads, flyers, kakemono…)
  • Competitive analysis

Digital Hotel Marketing

  • Website Project
  • Community management
  • Hotel e-reputation
  • Hotel Social Media marketing

South Pacific Management Services