Manava Suite Resort Tahiti oceanfront renovation projet

Published 11/24/2017

Beginning August 2017, South Pacific Management has been working with the owner of Manava Suite Resort Tahiti on a 2 million USD oceanfront renovation project.

The renovation includes expansion of the hotel’s beachfront area,  and the addition of a new open-air restaurant facing the beautiful island of Moorea.  The project is moving forward as planned with strengthening the pilings and the work on expanding the “motu’s” which is in progress.

The hotel remains open throughout the renovations.

During the first three months of this construction phase, SPM is pleased to advise that the hotel’s occupancy rate has not been affected.

We continue to do our best to minimize the impact to our guest experience, and the construction will be paused during the dates of  Dec. 22nd   , 2017 and Jan 7th,  2018.

It is anticipated that SPM will be opening the new beachfront restaurant by June 2018.