Services South Pacific Management

Hotel Management Services

Besides providing professional management services for hospitality properties, South Pacific Management  and Xanana Hotels, Resorts & Spa provide pre-operational services covering project development and management services, technical, and pre-opening services, and pre-opening procurement and equipping services.


Consulting & Advisory Services

To compete successfully in markets, corporate strategies and business initiatives must have direct bearing on market trends and customer needs, which in turn, directly impact management, corporate funding and operations.


Sales & Marketing Management Services

Sales & Marketing Management services permit to optimize sales and improve visibility and image of hotels. South Pacific Management and Xanana Hotels, Resorts & Spa offer different solutions to highlights the strengths of your property and to adapt your products and services according to marketing and customer’s needs.


Financial Management Services

Hotel Financial Management is at the core of any successful business. South Pacific Management and Xanana Hotels, Resorts & Spa offer financial services to support hotels through a variety of accounting and finance functions including accounting, internal audit and risk management services which are fundamental to the success of your property.


Hotel Recruitment Services

South Pacific Management and Xanana Hotels, Resorts & Spa can help you to find and manage talented employees in hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and other hospitality-related services.


Project Development Services

Unique to South Pacific Management Project management capabilities in the development of new properties in the integrated approach adopted from conceptual development leading up to project management and finally, into day-to-day management and operations.