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About us

Besides providing professional management services for hospitality properties, South Pacific Management provides pre-operational services covering project development and management services, technical, and pre-opening services, and pre-opening procurement and equipping services.



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South Pacific Management is celebrating thirty years of providing expertise to hotels, restaurants & spa in the Pacific.

Each new hotel is a unique creation. Our mission is to offer you a comprehensive, bespoke support package for each stage of your project, from creating the hotel’s identity to building and operating it.
Our task is to work with you to create an exceptional destination for unforgettable experiences, but also to convert your hotel concept into a commercial reality. Hotels are a real financial game-changer and they need to be perfectly operated to ensure their long-term profitability.
When you opt for South Pacific Management, you are bringing French expertise into your hotel that has proven its worth time.

Hotel Managed by South Pacific Management :
Manava Suite Resort Tahiti – Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea

Sales Representation by South Pacific Management :
Haumana Cruises – Manava Suite Resort Tahiti – Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea


Xanana Hotels, Resort & Spa

Xanana Hotels, Resorts & Spa is the sister company of South Pacific Management. With its 25 years of experience dedicated to representing various luxury hotels located in the South Pacific.
Xanana hotels, resorts & spa offers you to represent and promote luxury hotels out of French Polynesia.
For more information, contact Xavier BESSOU

Sales Representation by Xanana Hotels, Resort & Spa :
Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa – Easter Island, Iririki Island Resorts & Spa

Team SPM Hotel


South Pacific Management team members are expert in hotel & tourism management. Not just an operator, South Pacific Management team lies in your comprehensive understanding of real estate investments and an organization’s business model covering :

  • How the organization’ strategic focus must be aligned to market conditions and customer needs?
  • How best to structure and fund the organization?
  • How value drivers are identified and pursued to maximize profits and yet, control costs during operations?
  • How the organization’s business needs must remain focused and relevant to changing market conditions and customer expectations.

Our South Pacific Management experts encompasses every aspect of hospitality management such as hotel Sales & Marketing, hotel project construction , hotel management , hotel financial management and hotel human resources management.


We support the sustainable development in French Polynesia.
Our desire is to open hotels in unspoilt, secluded islands depends on our ability to build structures which respect their natural environment, encourage local employment and ensure the present and future well-being of the Polynesian people.
For years, our teams have been making every effort daily to save water, choose new energy sources, use natural and biodegradable cleaning products, recycle waste and treat waste water.
In fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities, we work side by side with Polynesian associations and businesses who share our aims.


1. To’A Nui initiative: the coral nursery


2. Local Employment
SPM employs local personnel from each of the islands where it is located and actively participates in the development of the island’s economy.  Additionally, all the hotels are constructed with local materials such as exotic woods, bamboo and pandanus.


3. Durable goods development
SPM has set the following objectives as priorities: saving rain water, solar water heating, water and paper recycling, the use of ecologically-friendly products and electric cars.


5. New energy for tomorrow
SPM is actively searching for ways to implement photovoltaic and wind energy, paper liners for trash cans, development of coral, as well as plant nurseries and orchards.


South Pacific Management - Pacific's Hidden Paradise
South Pacific Management - Pacific's Hidden Paradise
South Pacific Management - Pacific's Hidden Paradise
South Pacific Management - Pacific's Hidden Paradise


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