Project Development Services

Unique to South Pacific Management Project management capabilities in the development of new properties in the integrated approach adopted from conceptual development leading up to project management and finally, into day-to-day management and operations.

By adopting a one-stop seamless approach, property developers and funders are assured that their properties are developed in accordance with sound concepts that are in turn strongly founded on performance-driven operations.

Hotel Project Evaluation

  • Conduct project feasibility study
  • Estimate project development budget in consultation with project consultants
  • Estimate timeline for project completion
  • Advise on investment or trading strategies for the project
  • Advise on market positioning of project

Hotel Project Coordination

  • Hotel Concept development
  • Architectural design development
  • Select main contractors and sub-contractors
  • Coordinate the handing-over of areas from the contractors to the owners/operators
  • Coordination with authorities and project documentation (permits, licenses and project documentation to authorities)
  • Site Preparation
  • Coordinate site construction activities

Corporate structure and project financing

  • Advise on corporate structure involving joint venture partners and investors
  • Advise and facilitate project financing
  • Coordinate with project consultants on project insurance coverage
  • Hotel Project Costing
  • Monitor construction cost and project variations orders

Project Hand-over

  • Coordinate testing and commissioning of M&E services in consultation with project consultants
  • Coordinate the handing-over of areas from the contractors to the owners/operators

South Pacific Management Services